Vidya Vikasa Trust


Childhood is a crucial and special time in one’s life, and a child's rights for survival, health and education should be fulfilled. Education empowers human beings, strengthens society and is a key factor for attaining of a nation's development goals. Vidya VikasaTrust is striving for the cause of this basic education to all children.


  An auspicious beginning

A commitment to the cause of the education of the economically backward weaker sections of student’s community has been the aim of Vidya Vikasa Trust from the time it was set up in the year 2002. Sri M.R.S. Murthy & Old Students of Vidya Vikasa Samskruthika Kendra (Est., in 1977) with a similar vision and mission of wanting to help the economically backward students including Blind Students to get access to higher education and create a niche for themselves in this highly competitive society through:



There are several million disabled people in India who needs special care and efforts should be taken for the betterment of them through good basic education which equips to face the present competitive world. What is needed for them is a bit of support and encouragement. They can show to the world that they are second to none. It is this tribute of different ability & to their cherished goals for which Vidya Vikasa Trust offers possible endeavour.

Vidya Vikasa Trust is also working for the disabled (more particularly visually impaired Students) by identifying them, financing them and giving them a very good confidence in the society. Over the years the Organization has grown both in educating the number of children and in the extension of its committed Socio-economic activities to the needy students.

The ultimate purpose of the Trust formation is to ignite the young minds in the learning environment of high academic excellence by channelising and synchronizing their energies with scientific competence. Also to sensitize students to imbibe human values and create a healthy atmosphere for learning and positive interaction. The Trustees are confident of achieving this with the support & active co-operation of alumni, all Friends, philanthropists, social activists, companies/ Organisations.